Smartphone App Control Parking Lock and Parking Barrier - Auto Sensor -TMS-APL4


Smartphone App Control Parking Lock and Parking Barrier - Auto Sensor -TMS-APL4

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Our simple to install and easy to use smart phone app controlled automatic parking lock with auto raising sensor allows you to protect and access your parking lock all by your smart phone.

Just download and use the smart phone app on your smart phone to control your automatic smart phone controlled parking lock or car park barrier. Operates from Apple iOS and any Android smart phone.

With the touch of your free smart phone app lower your automatic parking lock or car parking barrier to lay flat, allowing you to drive your vehicle into your parking space.

As you leave your parking space, either touch your smart phone app, to lock your parking lock and your parking barrier will automatically rise up to prevent anyone else from using your parking spot. Or if the parking space is unoccupied for 2 minutes, the smart auto sensor will cause the parking barrier to rise back up into the vertical position, thereby locking your parking lock and protecting your parking space.

Easily share access to your parking space with others either on an interim or permanent basis. No remote control required. The sharee can then just use their smart phone app to control the smart app controlled parking lock as well. Sharing can be cancelled or disabled at any time by the sharer.

For indoor usage, your parking barrier is powered by a rechargeable battery which is DC 6V. It will last for about 1000 uses, or about 9 months continuous use. Your parking lock comes with a recharging power pack. For outdoor usage we supply a waterproof housing case for 4 D dry-cell batteries which last for approximately 12 months before requiring replacement. 

Your parking lock comes with a 12 month warranty.


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Battery - Automatic Parking Lock and Parking Barrier Battery - Automatic Parking Lock and Parking Barrier
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