TMS-APL5 SUPERSIZE: Specifications

TMS-APL5 SUPERSIZE: Specifications

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Operated by Bluetooth smart phone app controlled automatic parking lock. Easily operate your smart app controlled parking lock from your smart phone using our app. You can share your parking lock by sharing with specified users if they register on the app. You can enable or disable share at any time simply through your app.
Auto Raising Sensor As you leave your parking space, the sensor will determined whether there is no vehicle parked over the parking lock for a continual period of 2 minutes. If so, the yellow rocker arm on the parking lock will automatically rise up to lock the parking lock and protect your parking space.
Power 1 x rechargeable battery (DC 6V); approximately 9 months or 1000 uses till the battery needs recharging. Easily recharged on supplied power pack. Battery charge symbol on your app lets you know how much charge you have in your battery at any time.
Water proof, Dust proof Your parking lock has been sealed to be waterproof and dustproof. This includes all internal mechanical and electrical components. Your parking lock is made of galvanized steel and finished with paint to endure all weather and water conditions.
Raising Time and Lowering Time 5 seconds each way

470 mm (wide) x 210 mm (deep) x 550 mm (high) when raised

470 mm (wide) x 400 mm (deep) x 80 mm (high) when lowered

Weight 8.5 kg
Resists pressure Your parking lock can endure 500 kg of pressure without damage to the parking lock.
Warning Alarm Your smart app parking lock is fitted with an alarm. When in motion either raising to lock in the vertical position, or when lowering to the unlocked position, your smart app controlled parking lock will sound a small alarm to warn persons that the unit is in motion. In addition, if the rocker arm is pushed by unauthorized force, the alarm will sound for approximately 15 seconds and the rocker stay in the position it has been pushed to. Thereafter it will try to reset to its original position. If the unauthorized vehicle is still parked over it, the alarm will continue to sound and this behaviour will continue until the unauthorized vehicle is removed. Thereafter the yellow rocker arm will reset to its original position.
Anti-theft protection Also, once your smart app controlledparking lock is fitted to your parking spot floor, should anyone try to forcefully remove it, an alarm will sound.
Warranty 12 month warranty
Installation Supplied with 3 concrete galvanized expansion bolts to be fitted to concrete. If you need to remove your parking lock, you simply remove the expansion bolts with standard handyman tools. You can then re-install at another location.
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