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ThatsMySpot - Another URL pointing to this page

Parking Barriers - Parking Locks - Bollards - Convex Mirrors at Unbeatable Prices

We Now Stock Corner & Wall Protectors | Speed Humps| Traffic Cones | Wheel Stoppers

All the equipment you need to secure and protect your parking spot and parking lot at UNBEATABLE prices online!

bulk discounts - Free Shipping - wholesalers contact us - is your one stop shop for all your parking needs!

We've got everything you need to secure your parking spot. Protect your parking spot from unauthorized use with our fabulous manual or automatic parking barriers and parking locks. Use our fixed or removable bollards and traffic cones to create temporary "no go" zones or secured areas. Our convex mirrors improve safety and visibility in tight parking areas, while our speed humps improve the safety in your parking lot by slowing traffic down. And our corner protectors, wall protectors and wheel stoppers make sure that you can easily and comfortably park your vehicle avoiding any bumps, scrapes or dings, with these parking assistance guides. What a great way to keep your car secure in your own parking spot!

And for any other parking related products or queries, or volume discounts, please contact us directly on 1 300 644 533 or at

With our products you can say with confidence thatsmyspot!