Expandable barriers

Expandable barriers expandable plastic barriers - lightweight, so easy to use and carry. Forget those steel expandable barriers, go lightweight heavy duty plastic, with built in reflective strips, expands to 3.2 metres and only weights 3.8 kg!!

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Sort by expandable plastic barrier allows you to secure or cordon off a temporary area safely with this ultra light weight but sturdy barrier. Ultralight PP, folds out from compact 390 mm to maximum of 3.2 metres. End stands can be filled with water to increase weight and sturdiness. Reflective strips. So lightweight, forget those super heavy stainless steel expandable barricades - this is what you need! TMS-EB01P is a fabulous lightweight but sturdy expandable barricade that expands to 3.2 metres in length and weighs only 2.8 kg.


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